Christian Kleine

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Christian Kleine

Christian Joachim Kleine was born on the 8th of December 1974 in Lindau/South Germany. Lindau is a small and beautiful island in the Lake of Constance, surrounded by the Alps. At the age of 10, he began to study classical trumpet. Shortly after this, Christian switched to electric bass and eventually to drums and guitar. Musically, he was influenced by various styles of music including New Wave and Post Punk. Around the age of 17 Kleine also had a big interest in other types of music such as House, Hip Hop and Detroit Techno. He began to work as a DJ in the local clubs and soon had a regular night. In 1995, Christian Kleine moved to Berlin. "Drum and Bass" or "Jungle" music strongly influenced him at this time. He started to produce electronic music by himself. Two years later he went to a Berlin radio station and they played Kleine's music straight away. With one of the radio presenters, who is a music producer himself, Christian started the "Herrmann & Kleine" project. Besides this project, Christian Kleine has always worked on his solo project under his own name.


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