Bobby & Blumm

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Bobby & Blumm
Everybody Loves ...

out: 28.03.2008

Bobby & Blumm: Everybody Loves ...







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Everybody Loves ...

BOBBY and BLUMM are Bobby Baby and F.S.Blumm.
"BOBBY BABY" is Ellinor Blixt, born 1983 in the South of Sweden. She is touring a lot with her band "it's a musical!" and as "Bobby Baby". She arranges a pop-camp for teenage girls in Sweden and Germany ('popkollo'/'Ruby Tuesday Rock Camp').
"F.S.BLUMM" is Frank Schültge Blumm born 1968 in the North of Germany. He is releasing records since 1998. His first full-length solo-album came out on 'morr-music' in 2001 ("mondkuchen" mm021). Further he is an author and producer of radio-plays and released a book of drawings on 'ahornfelder' ("drawings" 2006).
"BOBBY and BLUMM" live in Berlin and were introduced to each other by Thomas Morr in early 2007.
"B&B" are dealing with voices and pickings.
"B&B" play guitar, keyboard, swedish bag and other biscuits.
"B&B" eat no pigs nor cows.
"B&B" try to give the wide world of pop some little turns and unexpected changes.
"B&B" add purity and warmth.
"B&B" sound dreamy, detailed, soft and fragile.
"B&B" want equal rights.
"B&B" find beauty inside hiss and rustle.
"B&B" make silent-songs.
"everybody loves.." was recorded 50km north of Berlin, in a little house at the edge of the forest, in a room with wooden walls.. On "everbody loves.." You will hear the crackling sounds of shellac-records, a caressing clothes-brush, some fingertips on greaseproof-paper, swinging coathangers in the nighttrain to cracow, flatwound-strings on a big guitar and above all a gentle and silky voice.
"BOBBY and BLUMM" feel the influence of the following records:
Stina Nordenstam "People are strange"
Nico "Chelsea Girl"
Juana Molina "Tres Cosas"
David Grubbs "Banana Cabbage, Potato Lettuce, Onion Orange" and
"The Best Of Burt Bacharach"


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