Bobby & Blumm

Bobby & Blumm

bobby (ella) and blumm (frank) interviewing each other:

Frank: If - for some reason - you were forced to give up music and choose a not-creative-job ... what would it be?

Ella: I would try to get a job in a bakery and bake/decorate cakes and nice breads. In that way it would still be a creative job. If you would force me into a factory job, just watching some machine, I think it would kill me. Or probably not, but I would kill myself at some point...

F: And If you were a politician, which slogan could advertise your party?

E: Ladies, bring your babies! Grab a gun and join the fun!

F: Whats Your favourite fear?

E: Eeh.... my favourite fear? get a blackout on stage and forget everything I have to play or sing. BECAUSE as long as I have this fear it means I still have shows to play, and that's my favourite thing to do!

F: Which record would you take to the lonely island ( ...yes, togehter with a hifi etc...)?

E: I would bring Carole King's Tapestry. If it would be ok I would bring the two LP's and the CD I have. Just in case one or two would break...

Ella: You are kind of a specialist on female hiphop artists, how did you come to be so interested in it?

Frank: It all started with DeLaSoul "Bitties in the BK-Lounge". I got really attracted by the way that this lady (Almond Joy?) is dissin' the DeLaSoul. Much later I found T-Love on a friends mixtape and that's where this special liking for female conscious/underground rap (Apani B Fly, Bahamadia, Voice ...) started. I guess that I especially like this certain female energy, its somehow deeper than the male version , there's a longer bow, its more steady .. suspense ....

E: If you could collaborate with any artist or band in the world (dead or alive), who would it be? What would you do?

This might sound kitschy but I already did my favourite collaboration with my favourite collaborator: David Grubbs. And if You ask me now: "Who would it be?" it would be him again, I mean, I would love to record a guitar-duo with David but I wouldn't dare to ask him, because I know that he is very, very busy...... Regarding to dead artists: I would choose Marcel Duchamp, just to have a coffee together, to get to know the character behind those thoughts.

E: If you could only present yourself to a new person by naming three albums that had an impact on your life, which three would it be?

F: 1.WIRE - Pink Flag 2. Charlie Parker - Three LP Box - and I leave the third one open (as a joker).

E: If you could pick one super hero power, what would you choose? (for example 'fly' or 'get strong and green' and so on...)

F: Levitation, that's enough.

E: What's Your favourite bread?

F: Dinkel.


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