Bobby & Blumm

Bobby & Blumm

"Bobby & Blumm" are Bobby Baby and F.S.Blumm. "Bobby Baby" is Ellinor Blixt, born 1983 in the South of Sweden. She is touring a lot with her band "It's A Musical" and solo as "Bobby Baby". She also arranges a pop-camp for teenage girls in Sweden and Germany ('Popkollo'/'Ruby Tuesday Rock Camp'). "F.S.Blumm" is Frank Schültge Blumm born 1968 in the North of Germany. He is releasing records since 1998 on labels like Tomlab, Staubgold and Morr Music. Together they debuted on Morr Music back in 2008. Two Years later, they completed their new album, which is released by A Sound Of A Handshake.


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