B. Fleischmann

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B. Fleischmann
Pop Loops For Breakfast

out: 01.06.1999

B. Fleischmann: Pop Loops For Breakfast







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Pop Loops For Breakfast

» b.fleischmann

born 1975, vienna. has been taught piano and drums, and took part in
different bands, which preferred rather loud and harmonic guitars. with the
last two bands "speed is essential" and "sore" concerts on different
locations in austria have been performed. The cd "my idea of fun" was
presented in the "szene wien", vienna«s "chelsea", "flex", "kapu" linz, etc.

» b. fleischmann solo

since 1998, b. fleischmann started to work on his own, creating
electronic-styled music. His sound is summed up by different electronic
instruments, which should create harmonies and fine melodies in a different
sort of soundscapes. The different kinds of noise should not disturb the
harmonies of the songs, but should find their way to communicate with the
other sounds. Songs to cruise to, during a long night, where the next
morning is already near.

In a small studio, in the 16th district in vienna, b. fleischmann created
his first album. This album was presented in january 1999 at the rhiz,
vienna. After this "picnic@rhiz" concert, christof kurzmann asked for
producing the album "pop loops for breakfast". So the relation between
christrof kurzmann and b. fleischmann has begun. The cd was mastered by
christof amann and christof kurzmannn in vienna and the new label charhizma
and the cd were presented on the 9th of april, 1999.

The cd is released on christof kurzmann«s label charhizma austria -
(http://www.charhizma.com) and thomas morr«s label morr music germany.


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