B. Fleischmann

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B. Fleischmann

Bernhard Fleischmann was born in Vienna in 1975. Since 1998 he produced electronic music. In that this was quite common in Vienna, but Fleischmann's music sounded not at all like the popular 'downbeat'-style. His first album, "Poploops for Breakfast" was released on Morr Music back in 1999 – as the very first Morr Music release! Since then he released a bunch of albums and EP´s. Among others there was 'Angst Is not a Weltanschauung', which won a Qwertz Electronic Music Award as 'best electronic album 2009'. In the last decade Fleischmann has played shows all over the world. Fleischmann loves to do conceptual live performances. Some of them are released on our sidekick-label 'Sound Of A Handshake' ('melancholie/sendestraße' and 'for_M/melancholie'). He's also involved in different projects like "The Year Of" or "Duo 505". Meanwhile he's also busy composing music for theatres and plays. He recently released 'i'm not ready for the grave yet'.


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