Apfelsin Bros.


Apfelsin Bros.
Picture Book

out: 25.11.2011

Apfelsin Bros.: Picture Book







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Picture Book

Barcode (UPC): 880918809793

ISBN: 978-3-943482-00-3

80 pages covered in orange linen weave.

Including a 5'' vinyl with digital download code of a collaborative song of Örvar Smárason from Mùm and Sindri Sigfússon from Sin Fang and Seabear.

Limited to 1000 copies.

Sindri and Örvar are good friends. They are tattoo buddies. They are football chums. They have travelled all over the world together in a tour bus. It's about time they made a book together. There is something similar about how these boys paint the world. There is a certain crudeness to their aesthetic unravellings, one could liken it to pancreas surgery performed with a spoon. And however colorful, lighthearted and festive their drawings, music or jokes are, there is always a certain self-reflexivity to what they spew. And to chart and map the reoccurring themes of the book, they have included a song. In two parts. It's a jolly romper.


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