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happy holidays

Thanks for your support in 2013! See you next year.

Dec 20, 2013


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Happy Holidays!

Our Icelandic artists wish you a merry christmas with this video, and so do we! Thanks for your support in 2012! And see you next year! 

Dec 22, 2012


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Morr Music playlists on Spotify - come and subscribe!

We have launched some playlists on Spotify for you. One is hosted by the head of the office: Thomas Morr, another one by ISAN. Then there's one, that is done by the guys from our webshop anost, we have a playlist that give you an overview of our recent releases and at least there's our very own 'History Channel' where you can find selected beauties from our backcatalogue! So come on and subscribe! (There will be more playlists, so stay tuned!)

Jul 31, 2012

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Morr Music Gold

Today we're starting MORR MUSIC GOLD, a digital premium subscription service hosted by! And it goes like this: If you subscribe, you'll get every new Morr Music (+ sublabels) release as WAV or Mp3 from now on. You can download or stream them anywhere and of course keep them forever! Also we will deliver special pre-releases, exclusive tracks from Morr Music artists and selections from our back catalogue. Every week you'll get a new digital submission direct to your inbox. The subscription is 10 USD a month, and you can cancel your subscription whenever you want to. Subscribers get three recent releases immediately, a fix discount of 15% in our webshop. And the first 50 subscribers will get a special present!

Sounds fair? Get more information or subscribe here! See you inside, Goldies!

Jun 1, 2012


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special offer

Only in May, you'll get a special discount at on every product related to our artists, that are on the road right now. The deal goes like this: Choose at least 2 itmes and get 20% off at the checkout! Discount on everything by Orcas, Sóley, Masha Qrella, Fenster, Sin Fang, B.Fleischmann, Butcher The Bar, The Clean, It's A Musical & FM Belfast! 

     For all of their tourdates click here!

May 1, 2012

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label of the week

we are label of the week at gogoyoko

Apr 24, 2012


morr music

morr music at iceland airwaves festival

This  week, we're at one of the finest festivals ever: Iceland Airwaves takes place at locations all over Reykjavík! We have scheduled a Morr Music afternoon – coming up in an off-venue on October, 13th (at Hresso's). This is not an official festival event, so you can also drop by if you don't have a festival-ticket:

Morr Music Label Afternoon
13.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Hresso (an 'Airwaves Festival Afternoon' with Borko (15h), Sóley (16h), Pascal Pinon(17h) and Sin Fang (18h))

...and these are all other dates by Morr music artists performing within the festival. please check the festival homepage for all infos about venues & full lineup! See you at the blue lagoon!

Borko @Airwaves
13.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Reykjavik Art Museum (Official Airwaves show 20:00h)
15.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Bakkus (Gogoyoko off venue program 21:00h )
16.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Kex Hostel (KEX/KEXP/KIMI off venue program 20:30h)

Pascal Pinon @Airwaves
13.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Iceland Airwaves Festival (21:40h @ Harpa Kaldalón)
15.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Iceland Airwaves Festival (@ Vesturbæjarlaug at 18.00 h)
15.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Iceland Airwaves Festival (20:00h @ Glaumbar)

Sóley @Airwaves
11.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Kex Hostel (You Are In Control Showcase. 21h)
11.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Kex Hostel (KEXP Radio Session. 12h.)
12.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Harpa, Kaldalón Hall (Airwaves Festival Showcase. 22.30h)
14.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Eymundsson Skólavödustíg (17.30h)

Sin Fang @Airwaves
13.10.2011 — Reykjavik (IS) — Iceland Airwaves Festival (23:20h @ Iðnó)

Oct 10, 2011


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pascal pinon go mandarin

Pascal Pinon will becharm China this autumn!! here are the dates:

Oct, 29th/30th: west lake music festival / Hangzhou
Oct, 31st: c-union bar / Guangzhou
Nov, 1st/2nd: true color club / Shenzhen
Nov, 3rd: yugongyishan / Beijing
Nov, 4th: the mixing room&muse / Shanghai

for all those, who can't make it to China, check out their take away show!

Sep 23, 2011


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