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ISAN's 'Disc-Course On Beauty'-Mix

ISAN did a mix with ten 'lost' tracks, taken from sold-out compilations and 7inches. Most of those tracks have never been available digitally... We hope you enjoy this mix, which is presented by Das Filter - and we look forward to sharing some new ISAN material with you later this year.

Jul 5, 2016



ISAN: Reissue of 'Beautronics' – Vinyl appears on Record Store Day!

1998 ISAN recorded 'Beautronics'. Long before the term Electronica popped up, ISAN worked in the Interface of Ambient and IDM. Everyone familar to their compilation of early tracks ('Clockwork Menagerie') probably knows about the early ISAN magic. Now 'Beautronics' gets a re-release, which we think is overdue! For the first time ever there will be a pressing on Vinyl. And that Vinyl (that comes with new Artwork, gatefold cover & free mp3 inside) will see its first appearance tomorrow – within Record Store Day (this saturday)!

And the best thing: you can already get one of the album tracks for free!

Apr 18, 2013



Morr Music playlists on Spotify - come and subscribe!

We have launched some playlists on Spotify for you. One is hosted by the head of the office: Thomas Morr, another one by ISAN. Then there's one, that is done by the guys from our webshop anost, we have a playlist that give you an overview of our recent releases and at least there's our very own 'History Channel' where you can find selected beauties from our backcatalogue! So come on and subscribe! (There will be more playlists, so stay tuned!)

Jul 31, 2012

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ISAN's antony on cocteau twins

We told you about a series of eBooks by Scott Heim earlier. Back then the books have been a kickstarter project, now the first one is out. Musicians, artists and journalists wrote about their first contact with the Cocteau Twins. Among others, Antony of ISAN has contributed here. The eBook is now available via Barnes & Nobles or Amazon!

Jul 4, 2012



free ISAN mix, a show & some books (maybe)

ISAN's easter present is a fine mixtape, that we are happy to present today already: You can stream it via mixcloud! It's a long-distance-ping-pong-mix by Antony & Robin, and it features Grimes, Baths, Zomby, Sugarcubes, Siouxsie & The Banshees and many case you're Scottish you can use it as a warm-up for one of the ultra-rare ISAN gigs, that will take place on Sunday at the Berkeley Suite, Glasgow!

Also ISAN contributed to a book-project by Scott Heim (who is known as the author of 'Mysterious Skin) & which is called "The First Time I Heard...". Planned are five books, in which musicians & writers talk about their first listening experiences with David Bowie, The Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, The Smiths and Joy Division/New Order. Every of these artists get their own book! Well hopefully, because it's a Kickstarter-Project, and that means crowdfunding! So if you're intrested, watch the trailer and pre-order the books! Don't forget: Pre-orders are necessary, otherwise these books won't be printed!

Apr 5, 2012


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new anost mixtape

a quite cosmic mixtape, made from the catalogue of our webshop & featuring a track by ISAN is now available for free download via soundcloud! and hey: it's a 'mix of the day' in de:bug magazine!

Jun 29, 2011


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new DVD-Mag 'Slices' comes with ISAN feature which ISAN take a walk on Berlin's famous Teufelsberg and talk about their music, influences and their way of producing....Slices is a free dvd mag for electronic music.

Jun 22, 2011



31 songs for Japan

While in the western media Fukushima & the tsunami haven been displaced by certain going-on's in Pakistan, the consequences of the Japanese disaster are still apparent. Help is still needed. You can make a humble contribution by purchasing '31 songs for Japan'- a benefit sampler released by Flau (release date is March, 11th!), that features also some Morr Music artists like FS Blumm, ISAN, Wechsel Garland........

May 10, 2011


isan, fs blumm

Brazil, where hearts were entertaining june...

ISAN will return to Brazil and play the ROJO NOVA-Festival on April, 9th!

Mar 29, 2011



ISAN: a Robin Saville feature

Second Language Music has just released Vertical Integration, which is both a compilation and a magazine, that includes extensive interviews with the featured artists. One of them is Isan's Robin Saville!

Aug 24, 2010



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