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Fenster on tour again

Fenster will be on the road again next week! They will also have new shirts and bags with them, that you can also get from!

2014-05-13 Hannover (DE) — Cafe Glocksee

2014-05-14 Gent (BE) — Vooruit

2014-05-15 London (GB) — Birthdays Tickets

2014-05-16 Amsterdam (NL) — De Nieuwe Anita

2014-05-17 Paris (FR) — Espace B

2014-05-18 Luxembourg (LU) — Carré Rotondes

2014-05-19 Nancy (FR) — Quai'son

2014-05-20 Grenoble (FR) — Centre d'art Bastille

2014-05-21 Lausanne (CH) — Le Romandie

2014-05-22 Lyon (FR) — Le Sonic

2014-05-24 Nantes (FR) — Stereolux (Festival Indigènes)

2014-05-28 Dijon (FR) — Alchimia

2014-05-29 Esslingen (DE) — Dieselstrasse (Young River Festival)

2014-05-31 Mannheim (DE) — Maifeld Derby Festival

2014-05-31 Giessen (DE) — Kupferschmiede

2014-06-01 Bielefeld (DE) — AJZ

2014-06-06 Vienna (AT) — Rhiz

2014-06-07 Innsbruck (AT) — TBA

2014-06-14 Luzern (CH) — B Side Festival

2014-06-15 Ulm (DE) — Kradhalle

2014-06-16 Bamberg (DE) — Morph Club

2014-08-01 Burg Friedland (DE) — Jenseits Von Millionen

May 9, 2014

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new Fenster video

Fenster have a new video for their song 'Cat Emperor', please watch, enjoy and share

May 7, 2014


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Out now: Fenster's 'The Pink Caves'

Fenster's second album is a dark fairy tale brimming with layers of tremolo guitars, tactile percussion, soft analog synths and moon-dusted vocal melodies. The tracks take you on a slow-motion free fall through the rabbit hole into an ethereal world of spectral soundscapes, lush pop opulence and minimalism drawing inspiration from science fiction, french 70s film scores and Lynchian mysticism. With this record, Fenster ventures into new spaces, exploring different techniques, instrumentation and song structures. The album's title and aesthetic derive from the concept of a make-belief heaven, a place you go when you die that only exists in your mind.

'The Pink Caves' is released as LP, CD, MC or digital.

CD, LP, MC are available via & come with an instant download!  A strictly limited edition on clear vinyl is only available from & on Fenster's live shows.

Mar 7, 2014


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watch video for Fenster's 'In The Walls'

Stream Fenster's new video below... 'In The Walls' is taken from Fenster's new album The Pink Caves, out on LP, CD, MC, digital. Here.

Mar 5, 2014


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Fenster & Aloa Input on tour

NYC/Berlin-based-duo Fenster are about to release their second album 'The Pink Caves' in early March. Before release, they will team up with our latest signing Aloa Input to play some pre-release shows in germany. The grand final of this mini-tour will be Fensters record release party at Berlin Kreuzberg's legendary Schwuz! Aloa Input will present their critically acclaimed record "Anysome" at some more solo-shows, and they have been chosen to be the support-act for The Notwist! 

Fenster & Aloa Input
17.02.2014 — Hamburg (DE) — Hafenklang
18.02.2014 — Cologne (DE) — Studio 672
19.02.2014 — Munich (DE) — Milla
20.02.2014 — Dresden (DE) — Ost-Pol
22.02.2014 — Berlin (DE) — Schwuz (Fenster's record release party w/ Aloa Input)

Aloa Input only
15.02.2014 — Schorndorf (DE) — Manufaktur
24.02.2014 — Wiesbaden (DE) — Schlachthof (w/The Notwist)
25.02.2014 — Bielefeld (DE) — Forum (w/The Notwist)
26.02.2014 — Berlin (DE) — Heimathafen Neukoelln (w/The Notwist)
27.02.2014 — Traunstein (DE) — Festung
28.02.2014 — Murnau (DE) — Westtor 

Jan 29, 2014


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Fenster premiere new track

'Mirrors' is a track from the upcoming album 'The Pink Caves' - now premiered via!

Jan 23, 2014



Fenster 2014

Watch a first trailer to Fenster's 2nd album, which we will release in early 2014!

Dec 4, 2013



Spring Breakers: Fenster

Fenster have a new video for their song 'Spring Break' (from their still fantastic debut album 'Bones'). It was made by Florian Sänger and was promplty nominated for the berlin animated video awards – so please watch & vote! Thank you!

Apr 2, 2013


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Fenster & Pascal Pinon are playing this year's Eurosonic Norderslaag Festival in Groningen:

09.01.2013 — 11.45PM - 12.30PM @ De Spieghel (Up)
10.01.2013 — 18.10 PM - 18.25Pm @ Plato Record Store
10.01.2013 — 11.00 PM - 11.40 PM @ USVA

Pascal Pinon
09.01.2013 — 20.45PM - 21.30PM @ De Spieghel (Up)
10.01.2013 — 22.10PM - 22.50PM @ Stadsschouwburg/Kruithuis

Jan 8, 2013


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full Fenster gig

Watch a full gig by Fenster, shot at the on3-Festival a few weeks ago....!

Dec 17, 2012


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