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infinite stillness

Watch the new Orcas video here! 'Inifinite Stillness' is taken from Orcas recent album 'Yearling'.

Apr 22, 2014


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Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability and

We'd like to inform you, that the recent Heartbleed Vulnerability does and did not affect our webshop Although we are using OpenSSL we were luckily not yet using the vulnerable new versions but old and trusted 0.9.8. We take security seriously and so we urge you, that if you used the same or a similar password somewhere else, please change it on anost as well! (That our certificate turnover happend just the week after Heartbleed is thus a mere coincidence.)

Apr 15, 2014


New Orcas pre-released!

The Orcas (aka Benoît Pioulard and Rafael Anton Irisarri) return!

For "Yearling" ORCAS Pioulard and Irisarri (The Sight Below) teamed up with Martyn Heyne (of Efterklang) and Michael Lerner (Telekinesis) to built upon the subdued ambience of their self-titled debut, adding a huge dose of analog warmth to their hazy pop leanings. 

'Yearling' is released today as LP/CD or digital, but it is now pre-released exclusively via anost! Initial LP copies on WHITE VINYL! 

If you order from anost, you'll get an instant download!

The digital release is already available for subscribers of M+6 .

Apr 3, 2014


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Out now: Fenster's 'The Pink Caves'

Fenster's second album is a dark fairy tale brimming with layers of tremolo guitars, tactile percussion, soft analog synths and moon-dusted vocal melodies. The tracks take you on a slow-motion free fall through the rabbit hole into an ethereal world of spectral soundscapes, lush pop opulence and minimalism drawing inspiration from science fiction, french 70s film scores and Lynchian mysticism. With this record, Fenster ventures into new spaces, exploring different techniques, instrumentation and song structures. The album's title and aesthetic derive from the concept of a make-belief heaven, a place you go when you die that only exists in your mind.

'The Pink Caves' is released as LP, CD, MC or digital.

CD, LP, MC are available via & come with an instant download!  A strictly limited edition on clear vinyl is only available from & on Fenster's live shows.

Mar 7, 2014


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watch video for Fenster's 'In The Walls'

Stream Fenster's new video below... 'In The Walls' is taken from Fenster's new album The Pink Caves, out on LP, CD, MC, digital. Here.

Mar 5, 2014


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New video for múm's 'When Girls Collide'

Watch a dancing AI in múm's new video for 'When Girls Collide', taken from their recent album 'Smilewound'!

Feb 10, 2014


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The Lobby

watch The Go Find's new video!  

Feb 4, 2014


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Múm recieve nomination for Nordic Music Prize

Múm's 'Smilewound' is nominated for best album at the Nordic Music Price, which will be awarded within by:larm festival in late February. The band will announce some live shows later this week...!

Feb 4, 2014



Morr Music Gold turns 'M+6'

We formed a label pool on called M+6. Subscribers of this digital service will get every new release by Morr Music, as well as all upcoming releases by the following fine labels: Immune (US), Shelter Press (BE), Miasmah (NO), Sonic Pieces (GER), Root Strata (US), Altin Village & Mine (GER). There will be albums from the back catalogue from all participating labels as well (mp3, wav or flac), some exclusive content, as well as a discount of 15% on everything at For 10 USD you will get at least four submissions every month. more infos here: 

Sounds good?

To celebrate the launch of M+6 we give away FREE TRIAL-MEMBERSHIPS (valid for one month!). Drop us line to – the winners will get an invitation via email!

Jan 31, 2014

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'Brand New Love' by The Go Find now pre-released!

Th Go Find come up with a new album, and it's a love album. On 'Brand New Love', the decade of the New Romantics shimmers through in every song. But The Go Find treats those classic eighties sounds in a surprisingly fresh manner: a mix of indie, electronics and some smooooth synth-loving, combined with the already well-known The Go Find sound. There is a brandnew video for 'The Lobby', that gives you the full idea.

'Brand New Love' is officially released on February, 7th (LP/CD/digital), but it is already

Jan 31, 2014


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