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Various Artists
Japan Tour 2004

out: 21.04.2004

Various Artists: Japan Tour 2004







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Japan Tour 2004

This has been a promo only release for Japan, initially. Morr Music teamed up with their favourite Nippon music magazine Afterhours in order to promote the label's first ever japanese tour in spring 2004. Isan, Styrofoam, Dieter Sermeus aka The Go Find and label head Thomas Morr were the lucky ones to fly over and play a few amazing shows. If you visit, you can have a look at our slideshow of pictures taken during this trip.
Everything that's on here is completely exclusive to this release so make sure you grab it while you can as it includes that incredible Isan track so many of you have been enquiring about in recent weeks. Those of you who have had a look at the Morr Music website in the last couple of months have delighted at the Japanese folk song "Akatombo" specially remodified by Robin and Toe Isan. For our money (and quite evidently yours too!) it's one of the best things they've ever done and it features on this cd in all it's 3 minute glory - absolutely fabulous stuff. Also included are two more new and exclusive Isan tracks, plus two new offerings from the excellent Styrofoam (doing cover versions of his all time heroes Lou Barlow and Elliott Smith), a sneaky peek at Morr's latest signing "The Go Find" plus a newly written Styrofoam remix, which will be available on The Go Find's upcoming single, due for an october release. 7 Tracks wide, 28 minutes, collectors edition, Ace!


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