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The Notwist
Blank Air

out: 30.04.2010

The Notwist: Blank Air







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Blank Air

While The Notwist are touring Europe, the band releases a brandnew song on their own imprint Alien Transistor. ‚Blank Air’ is a smooth and unexited song, reflective and haunting. And it features one of these typical Notwist Hooklines, that you’ll get hardly out of your head.- This track was composed for a movie by Jörg Adolph.
The B-side features a Cover-Version by Console (who produces all the electronic parts for The Notwist) of Brain Eno's & Cluster’s 'By The River'. Console already released a Vocal-Version of this on his Album 'Mono'. Here you’ll find an alternate Instrumental, that has an even more ambient feel than it’s original version.
Artwork by Helge Reumann (Elvis Studio)


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