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Pascal Pinon

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what or who inspired you to start making music? what or who inspires you right now?

when we first started the band we were fourteen and i was listening to a lot of tegan and sara back then, and they kind of inspired me to write silly songs on the guitar. the idea of starting a band actually came up when we were at a rock concert and i whispered to our previous bass player: oh it would be so cool if we'd be in a band. and she agreed so we decided to do something about it! but right now i've been listening a lot to ólöf arnalds and she is very inspiring. i recommend her new album, it's excellent!

looking from the outside, iceland seems to have a very unique pop scene, where people support and play with each other. is this just en illusion or something you experienced?

i don't know how to answer this question properly, i mean i'm probably just used to the way things are here. but as i see it this statement is most often true. the indie community here is very local and lo-fi and it's easy to make connections. that's where the big difference is, i think.

you have songs in both icelandic and english on the album, what are the artistic differences writing songs in the two languages? do you write about the same things? will you go on writing songs in both icelandic and english?

i just sing in whatever language that feels right. i think singing in english comes from being influenced by music i'm listening to. most of the times the icelandic lyrics are poems that i've written before and decided to use in a song. i usually write about what's on the top of my mind, whether it's something true or completely made up. singing in both languages works very well for us so yes, we'll probably go on doing that.

i suppose journalists and others are focusing a lot on the rarity that you're an all-teenage girl band and play music that is (being described as) very cute. what do you feel are the pros and cons with getting this image?

what i'm most worried about, in getting this cute image, is what happens when we get older and can't live up to the image anymore. we're not really that cute, we just don't have drums or rock guitars and sometimes like to play the songs very slowly. it's always bad to get certain image and especially one that grows out of you. but being cute isn't all that bad. everybody has a little cute in them somewhere i'm sure.


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