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Split EP 3

out: 01.02.2001

Opiate: Split EP 3







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Split EP 3

thomas knak a.k.a. opiate remains true to his hobby-style. well known from the first hobby or from one of other projects like the future 3 or james bong where he´s part of, he creates fantastic beat and rhythm orientated warm music with his solo outlet opiate. unlike many other artists opiate doesn´t strangle your nerves with harsh dsp effects, his idea of todays electronic music is based on incredible beat patterns combined with coulorful melodic elements. perfect music for watching the clouds go by. While the last few months, opiate contributed to the t&tt rmx album on morr music and the city-centre-offices "cashier escape route" compilation as well. listening to opiates 3-track a side definately spans the time to a new full length album.
Enjoy your Hobby!

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