April 2003:
Thomas Knak aka Opiate is one of the most acclaimed artists coming from Denmark. Since the early days of the 90's, Thomas has been a key figure in the electronic music-field, wether compiling the "Boredom is deep and mysterious"series with Anders Remmer (Dub Tractor) for April Records, working within Future 3, System, being 1/2 of James Bong or solo as Opiate, his musical contribution is very significant and central in establishing one of the more minimal sounds of Denmark and Scandinavia. Thomas Knak is no stranger to other art related scenes such as modern dance or visual-art, and has been been producing music for both.

In the early begining of the 90's Thomas started shaping his style and sound as an DJ, establishing himself as one of the first to bring ambient, electronica and drum'n bass to a bigger audience in clubs or at The Danish National Radio. Since 1995 his weekly friday-show has been presenting new sounds and styles to most of Denmark and parts of Germany and Sweden. Today the show is no more, but Thomas continues to represent the new electronic sounds to the people at The National Radio, as he now works as buyer/registrator for music in that field to be put into one of the most fantastic record-collections in Europe.

During the 90's Thomas has been involved in several ground breaking releases. First and foremost the releases with the band Future 3 with whom he made Denmark part of the international electronica
scene. Their albums got much attention around Europe, and made Future 3 remix acts such as Coldcut, Shantel, Piano Magic and several danish artists. Kruder and Dorfmeister listed the Future 3 debut among their all time top 5. By the end of 90's Thomas Knak finally found time to release his first solo album.
His debut "Objects for an ideal home" was released on April Records in early 1999 and has been considered an electronic landmark. Among the people to recognize his talent outside our small country are Bjork, Bomb the Bass, Piano Magic and Carsten Nicolai.

June 1999, Thomas Knak established his own imprint Hobby Industries. First release was the vinyl-version of "Objects ...", and since the begining of July 99 he has released artists such as Wass, Orchard, Acustic, Goodiepal,Manual and .h ..... Morr Music now works closely with Thomas in taking care of the production and distribution of Hobby.

In 99 Opiate was commisioned by The Museum of contempoary arts in Roskilde to be part of "Krydsfelt.dk", an open project where Thomas produced a track based on samples taken by folk records, while visitors could make comments or ask questions. As a guest teacher he was invited by students of The Royal Music Conservatory in Copenhagen to give lectures on electronic music and his own way of working with samplers.

In 2000 he produced an exclusive track for a sound-document about Bathrooms curated by German bathroom company,Dornbracht ( The two other projects invited was To Rococo Rot and Mouse On Mars). .. Later it was presented at Kunstwerke in Berlin in May 2000.

Also in 2000 he collaborated with German artist Carsten Nicolai aka Alva Noto on the OPTO-files project which was released in May 2001 ........ Carsten also did a remix on the forthcoming Opiate EP on Vertical Form.

Since 2000 he has been working with Bjork on her now released Vespertine album to which Thomas has been co-written Undo and Cocoon + remixing Aurora for a future release.

Autumn 2002, Thomas, together with Anders Remmer (aka Dub Tractor) and Jesper Skaaning (aka Acustic) released their System debut lp on Poles ~~scape, while still promoting their Future 3 album "Like .." which was released in May 2001.

Opiate is now concentrating on a 2nd solo-album for release sometime in the future.


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