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Kira Kira

out: 01.05.2006

Kira Kira: Skotta







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KIRA KIRA — scream the seagulls. You stand on a beach with black stone rumble in your hands. Kira Kira—the sand grounds. You watch the wash of November storm waves against the hard-knocked starboard side of the island. The wind hums in the corners of the isolated hut. A subtle whish of dust from the curtains. Kira Kira — screeks the door. You play a dusty note on the harmonium. Touch the pedals. Sing a dry flower note. Chants turn into rants. Black sand in an instrument, the harmonium full of storm water. Noise upon noise. Unpredictable. Kira Kira —capricious. Matti Pentikainen

The Kira Kira moniker came to be when Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir was living in Japan, shortly after she created Kitchen Motors, a label and collective based on experiments in music, creative collaboration and the melting-together of art forms. This audio/visual prankster's art is often a staged haunting of some sort created with sound, smoke, wind and light presented in installations or on film and her music draws on these vibes. Skotta is Kira Kira's debut album. Most of the music was composed for a contemporary dance creation -A dream-state experience where a solo dance performer moved through Kira Kira's sounds immersed in visual compositions of lights, video and fire dripping from the ceiling. The relationship between adventurous music and primitive moving arts is of particular interest to Kira Kira. She creates performances where physical visuals such as remote controlled ghosts and blood driven cowboy hats floating in thin air with a bullet hole through the middle are set in context with experimental electronic music, often blending in her Super-8 films or anything that serves the mood for each show. All the music on Skotta is by Kira Kira except Dýri which she created with singer-songwriter friend Thrainn Oskarsson of Icelandic folk band Hudson Wayne. Two special bonus treats came out with the Japanse version of Skotta, 5 years after the record's original release and are now available for the rest of the universe; Floorkiller where Kira Kira is joined by Finnish percussion wizard Samuli Kosminen, guitarist Petur Hallgrimsson and trumpeter Eirikur Orri Olafsson as well as a remix of Floorkiller by FM Belfast.


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